Fuel Products

Gull Regular 91

The most popular fuel in Gull's inventory, Regular 91 is refined to meet the requirements of all spark ignition engines.

Gull Regular 91 octane petrol contains no ethanol, and is less than 50 parts per million of sulphur. This means it is effectively the cleanest burning grade of petrol out there, makingour most popular grade compatible with all cars and boats in New Zealand.

It delivers the same economy as any other 91 octane petrol out there on the New Zealand market but has one key difference: we charge less for it, end of story.

And as with all Gull fuels, Regular 91 is warranted to meet New Zealand Fuel specifications but are proud to say that we often exceed them by quite a bit.

Gull Force 10

Powering the BNT V8 SuperTourers and New Zealand’s top rally drivers, Gull Force 10 is a high performance 98 Octane fuel that is designed to start working the instant it enters your engine to help remove performance-robbing deposits.


Gull Force 10 is a high performance 98 octane petrol, used by the BNT V8 SuperTourers and every day motor enthusiasts alike.

Gull Force 10 contains 10 per cent ethanol. This is locally made
by our dairy industry, reducing our dependency on imported fuel and supporting the rural New Zealand economy.

Gull Force 10 emits up to 8 per cent less carbon dioxide than
other high octane petrols, and has been endorsed by EECA as an environmentally friendly fuel. It’s a fuel that creates up to 8% less carbon dioxide and because it burns more efficiently, provides extra power you can ‘feel’, and cleaner air for all of us. Over the last few years, we’ve pumped enough ethanol to fill more than eight Olympic swimming pools and saved our Kiwi air from more than 3 million tons of carbon dioxide. 

The ethanol in Gull Force 10 is a renewable bio-fuel that’s more sustainable – so you can enjoy more power and do your bit for the environment, it’s as simple as that.

Gull Force 10 will naturally remove water from your fuel system and contains anti-corrosive additives to protect your entire engine system. All fuel tanks generally contain some
water generated by condensation, with older vehicles more likely to have water in the tank. Gull Force 10 will actually clean the water from your system. Combine this with the anti-corrosive additives we use and you have a fuel that not only performs well, but looks after your engine too. The end result is that it is firing on all cylinders, all the time. Don’t you love that?

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Gull Force Pro

Gull is proud to launch Gull Force Pro, the latest in a line of improvements Gull brings to the New Zealand fuel industry. Gull Force Pro brings you

• Extreme Octane (>110 RON Octane!)

• Extreme Power & Torque

• Extreme benefits for you and the environment

Gull Force Pro is a specialty high performance fuel made from exactly 85% bioethanol mixed with 15% premium petrol and corrosion inhibitor, which protects your fuel system and engine. Gull Force Pro is designed for use in Flexible Fuel (FlexFuel) vehicles which are able to run on any blend from E10 to E85, as well as normal petrol should the need arise. Holden has launched FlexFuel capable vehicles in the New Zealand market in 2010. It can also be used in specifically designed high performance motor racing engines, i.e., motor sports and rally cars.

Gull Force Pro is NOT suitable for standard vehicle engines or fuel systems and may cause serious damage. Consult with your vehicle's manufacturer before use.

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Available at Gull Melville, Gull Pukekohe, Gull Hampton Downs, Gull Forrest Hill and by the drum at Taupiri Autostore

 For information on how to have your car modified to run Gull Force Pro, talk to the guys at E&H Motors

Gull Diesel

One of Gull’s flagship products. Gull went “low sulphur” well before legislation required it or the oil giants thought it was a good idea. Still with low sulphur content of 50ppm Gull has reduced this down to a tiny 10 parts per million at the end of 2008.

Applicable for: heavy transport, industrial, heating, light commercial, diesel passenger vehicles and marine use; Gull Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel remains a star performer across many categories.

Gull Diesel Max

Gull Diesel Max combines our state of the art Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel with renewable fuel (bio diesel) to give you the perfect blend of performance and lower cabon dioxide emissions. Gull Diesel Max brings you

  • A smoother and cleaner diesel
  • Improved lubricity for smoother flow through your fuel
system and engine

The bio diesel in Gull Diesel Max is a renewable, sustainable fuel that is manufactured from used cooking oil right here in New Zealand to meet or exceed New Zealand fuel regulations as well as international specifications. Because Gull Diesel Max incorporates up to 5% bio diesel it will ensure that your vehicle creates fewer carbon emissions (greenhouse gases).


Where is Gull Force 10 and Gull Force Pro made?
Gull has a state of the art terminal in Mount Maunganui, where we blend bioethanol with mineral gasoline.

What is bioethanol?
The bioethanol in Gull Force 10 and Gull Force Pro is a renewable fuel. This is, it’s made in New Zealand from a natural by-product of the dairy industry’s activity, or from sugar cane grown in Brazil.

How do Gull Force 10 and Gull Force Pro benefit the environment?
Because these fuels incorporate bioethanol they will ensure that your vehicle creates fewer carbon emissions (greenhouse gases). They will therefore play a role in helping New Zealand achieve its emissions reduction targets, and they will help keep our nation’s skies clearer and cleaner.

Do Gull Force 10 and Gull Force Pro also offer any other benefits?
Not surprisingly, these fuels clean and and protect your fuel system. They naturally remove water from your fuel system and their anti-corrosive additives ensure your entire engine system is protected.

Can I mix bioethanol blended fuel with other fuels?
Gull Force 10 and Gull Force Pro mix well with all other fuels that are suitable for your vehicle*. However, the benefits of these fuels are reduced if other fuels are added.

* Gull Force Pro can be mixed with other fuel grades in approved FlexFuel systems only.

Which cars can run on bioethanol blends?
As is the case with all fuels, it is important to consult your vehicle manufacturer before converting to a new grade of fuel.

Have bioethanol fuel blends been used elsewhere in the world?
Yes, similar fuel blends have been used in Europe, Australia and North and South America for many years.

Does Gull warrant its fuel?
Gull provides a warranty on all fuels with no exception. And Gull warrants that all products meet or exceed necessary fuel regulations and standards.

Where can I buy Gull Force 10?

Gull Force 10 is available at all Gull branded service stations*

* Excluding Gull Gisborne

Where can I buy Gull Force Pro?
Gull Force Pro is available at:

Gull Melville · Gull Pukekohe · Taupiri Autostore (by the drum)